Welcome to my website!

My first writing project, the history of an eighteenth century mansion on The Thames, ‘The Grotto House’, was published in 2003. This was the outcome of two years of research that uncovered a lot of surprises, including the true identity of the resident ghost. Writing this ignited a spark that has driven me to continue writing, although I now prefer to write fiction.

I write what I think of as relationship fiction. For example, I’ve written about how a small community is affected by the disappearance of a child, with people’s lives changed forever.  This is 'Angel Hill' published by Joss Korvus and available on Amazon as both Kindle and Paperback.  This first novel is dedicated to my dear husband Peter with whom I shared many happy years of village life.  

Whilst this website is intended to promote my writing, I do have other interests and hope those people who share them will take the opportunity to explore the other areas of the site. For example, Life Story includes an autobiographical piece that is all about the horses in my life, from my little wooden horse on wheels called Dobbin to Dolly, my beautiful Irish mare, her foals and companions. If you’re interested in Arts and Crafts, then this part of the site contains some free beading patterns and some examples of my paintings.

I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in this site. Please email me at pampheasant@aol.com if you would like to be notified of any new developments.