Peyote Garlands


A particular pleasure of this peyote pattern is choosing a colour scheme, which can be shades of one colour or a mix. The garlands can be long or short. The end result is very good tempered and light to wear. Great to take on holiday as you can scrunch it up and put it in your pocket or bag if you want to go swimming. If necessary it will wash. If you wish, you can make a short section and use oglala chain to connect it up. Oglala chain is much quicker to make and doesn’t use so many beads.

This is the first one I made and a favourite that I have had for years. There are five different ring patterns repeated eight times so forty rings in total. It’s long enough to drop over your head so doesn’t need a fastener. Although time consuming, these are easy to make and are something you can pick up and put down. All you need is wildfire or similar beading thread and good supply of size 11 seed beads.    


Row 1 On approximately 1 yard of Wildfire thread 30 size11 seed beads, tie into a circle with a square knot. Then pull the knot through the beads and trim the end.

Row 2 Pick up 1 new bead, miss 1 bead on circle and pick up next. Repeat all the way round until the last bead. Then step up to the first of the raised beads added in this row.

Row 3 Pick up 2 new beads and go through the next raised bead. Repeat all the way round until the last raised bead. Then step up by going through the first 2 beads added on this row.

Row 4 Pick up 2 beads, miss the recessed bead from Row 2, pick up raised 2 beads from Row 3. Repeat all the way round until the last 2 beads. The pairs of beads added in this row will be raised round the edge. Step up by going through the two raised beads added at the beginning of this row.

Row 5 Pick up 2 beads and go through the first 2 raised beads. Repeat all the way round. This will leave a smooth but wavy edge. Finish thread and trim.

Each ring links with the next so the first row has to be threaded through the previous ring before tying the knot.

If you want a distinctive edge colour, use the same colour for rows 4 and 5