I have written eight novels as yet unpublished, all focusing on relationships and current issues.

Angel Hill Explores what happens to a village community when a child disappears and police and media become involved

The House at Bridgend - .Looks at the influence of mothers on their daughters and follows two strands of the same family.

Thirty Days (published for friends and family as Auntie Pru’s Legacy via YouWriteOn) – Tells the story of a divided middle class family over thirty days of present conflict reaching back over seventy years

Getting a LifeA computer expert engaged to network the diverse interests based at Willenshaw House uncovers unexpected secrets.

Looking for JuliaA woman disappeared into a mental institution twenty years ago and it is not until the murder of actor Roger Courtenay that anyone even suspects her existence.

Time flies Over but leaves its shadow behind – Reaching the end of her life Ethel is haunted by the past, her own and that of all the people who have lived in her cottage before her.

Not for MinutingWhen a new member joins the Governors, changing the dynamics of Board meetings, Lucy finds herself drawn into the school’s activities and increasingly having to face up to her own hidden past.

CompensationsWhen Fiona inherits her aunt’s house, she finds out what Auntie May meant when she said that being single had compensations.

A Saddle in my Wardrobe (a memoir) – Friends and family thought I was mad when I bought a young horse off the boat from Ireland. This is the story of Dolly, her three foals and various companions.